On love: Demonstrated in small, simple moments

Article originally posted on Medium on June 21, 2018.

After waking up, each day begins with reading the news, not only because I adore journalism, but because I feel the need to go into the day informed about what’s going on in the world.

While sipping on coffee, I go from reading the Tampa Bay Times to opening my laptop to read the New York Times.

Earlier this week, after reading about children being separated from their families at the border, I left for a morning photo shoot for an infant who had been born only a week before. While driving north of Tampa, I couldn’t get over the inhumanity of a government permitting families to be separated, uncertain of when they would reunite again.

The entire idea of it is unfathomable to imagine and the fact that it’s a present reality in our country is even more horrifying. Over 2,000 children have been left in places unfamiliar to them without the security of being with their family.

Once I arrived at the photo shoot, my mind was still clouded with the number of stories of struggle that were occurring throughout our society.

However, when I walked into the house, I felt an energy opposite from the news articles I had spent my early morning reading. My new client, who became a mother only a week before, welcomed me into her home and told me about her lack of sleep, but I didn’t recognize it because of the glowing happiness blocked any sign of it. After meeting the new mother, I met her sister-in-law, her young niece, and grandmother, who were all there to help coach her through her new experience in motherhood.

As the baby stirred in her sleep, we all sat on the living room floor and opened the sliding glass doors to bring in the soft, natural lighting for the photo shoot.

Throughout the photo session, all I felt was the warmth and love that filled the room. There was no talk of the negative events that were occurring abroad or in the nation, the focus was solely shifted towards the love the family had for their newest addition.

In the short hour I spent in the home of my client, I was present for numerous, small, beautiful moments; my client’s sister-in-law helping dress the small infant into her multiple outfits, the grandmother holding and kissing her grandchild of her youngest daughter or my client and I catching glimpses of her daughter smiling.

Above all, I witnessed the power of love demonstrated right in front of me.

Despite the negative events that fill headlines each day, love is present and outweighs all evil. It keeps people bound together, no matter how much time or space stands between. It instills the deepest sense of purpose and sacrifice, to drive people forward for themselves and for others. It’s unconditional, universal and experienced in different ways, but felt the same.

My job allows me to meet hundreds of people who all share a different story, but are all bound by a common theme and purpose — love.

– Chaveli

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