My Story

My name is Chaveli Guzman.

I’m a photographer, videographer and writer. Above all, I’m a storyteller.

I’m a senior at the University of South Florida studying news-editorial journalism, the multimedia editor at the USF Oracle and the owner of Chaveli Photography.

Ever since I was little, storytelling – and every element of it – has had the most tremendous impact on my life. Whether it was through movies, books, newspapers, photography or even conversations at the dinner table, storytelling has always found a way to inspire me, teach me and push me forward unlike anything else has before.

Serving as a professional photographer for the past three years for my photography business, Chaveli Photography, has taught me the incredible power of human connection, not only through being able to capture someone’s soul in a single photograph, but through the hundreds of people I’ve had the honor of working with, who all have stories demonstrating the beauty of the human experience – love, ambition, passion and the moments that ignite us the most.

These are the types of stories that I fell in love with and strive to capture through the fusion of photography and writing; the stories that demonstrate how connected we truly are as humans, to show people that despite our differences, we each have a story that can inspire and impact someone else’s.

I believe that this is the role that news media is meant to play: to connect society to stories that inform, inspire, and move an entire nation – or even the world. Through this, I am grateful for my coursework at USF, my relationship with my mentors and professors, as well as my work and internship experience that has helped provide the tools that are essential to capturing and telling impactful stories as a journalist.

My journey at USF has contributed numerous experiences and opportunities that have embodied my pursuit of fulfilling my passion for storytelling. Not only have I maintained a good academic standing with a 3.5 GPA,  but have served as an active member of the Honors College, where I was granted the opportunity of doing research to answer the question “Is the digital age degrading the storytelling power of text and still images or presenting chances to enhance it?” Also, serving as the Multimedia Editor at the USF Oracle (the University newspaper), for two years has granted me the privilege of bringing hundreds of written stories to life through photography and videography, as well as writing them.

Due to the many ways news is taken in by modern day audiences, as multimedia editor, I was honored to help establish a unique system at the Oracle, so students and faculty could have various options in how they accessed stories in the newspaper, not only through print but through videos, photography and social media.

After graduating college, I strive to go to graduate school for a Masters in journalism, and to become a multiplatform visual journalist – capturing compelling stories, through photography, videography, and writing, to help mold and inspire others through the power of storytelling.